A few notables from last week

A few interesting announcements were made last week while I was on my pilgrimmage to Mickey.

Last Monday, Active Control Technologies (ACT.V) revealed that the first partner signed to the recently announced certification program is Motorola (MOT.NYSE) for its MC9090 handheld device, which will be loaded with Snively Inc.'s Safety Tracker bar-code application for MSHA mine compliance and reporting requirements. As posted earlier this month, ACT is positioning to become a defacto standard for data transportation within the US coal mining industry. This announcement marks a first step towards such an objective. As a reminder, the network nodes are already certified by MSHA, so there should be no delays. The relationship with Motorola may be perceived by some investors as an early positive step towards future exit opportunities. As ACT leverages its competitive advantages in the future, the possibility increases that a major communications vendor may take a run at this technology. The stock is up 283% since the beginning of the year and peaked at $0.26 last week. The current run-up in the stock is likely in anticipation of MSHA certification of the phone, which should be considered a positive for its current backlog. However, the long-term traction for the Company is likely more related to the success its own partner certification program. The first announcement with Motorola could be considered a solid corporate development.

Throughout the week, Descartes Systems Group (DSG.TO) made a series of announcements to co-incide with its users conference. Investors should be confident that it remains on track for the "10+2" roll-out in partnership with its clients, which could add 3% - 5% to revenues during FY2009 as a start. As well, it is really beginning to leverage its federated messaging network to provide end-to-end shipping management as a service that is independent of endpoint technology. This data-centric approach is far more scalable and extensible than device-dependent alternatives, which gives Descartes a significant bundling and pricing advantage over potential competitors. New service announcements include Automated Vehicle Locator(tm) (AVL) along with the Wireless Global Logistics Network (wGLN). Continued data-centric service roll-outs (such as the ones announced last week) should further entrench DSG with current clients, and make it highly competitive for new business in the supply chain. Investors appear to like what DSG is doing because the stock is up 36% since it released results on March 10, 2009.

Axia NetMedia (AXX.TO) announced last Tuesday that it had completed a $19.5 million contingent equity financing based on its Intellinet Consortium being awarded a significant broadband network development contract in Singapore. Axia has been showing steady progress in France, and now has a foothold in Southeast Asia with a recent win in Singapore. With infrastructure stimulus budgets announced by governments worldwide, Axia NetMedia is well positioned to benefit from potential government contracts in Australia, the United States, and France among others. The Company has about $16 million or $0.25 net cash per share excluding the potential contingent capital raise. Axia NetMedia is profitable with modest growth in Canada via the Alberta Supernet but with strong emerging growth in France as its subsidiary continues to win and roll-out regional networks. AXX.TO ranks among the Top 30 Small-Cap Tech Stocks. If the consortium is not awarded the Singapore contract, the funds held in escrow will be returned to subscribed investors on pro-rata basis.

Disclosures: I own shares of ACT and DSG. I do not own shares of MOT or AXX

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