ACT 3D-P Distribution Deal.

ACT announced this morning that it has formalized its deal with 3D-P to distribute 3D-P's equipment monitoring devices to both underground and above ground mining operations. This extends ACT's effective reach above ground, and eventually brings the 3D-P devices underground once MSHA certification is completed.

Currently, the estimated average revenue per ActiveMine deployment is approximately $400k. Management believes that 3D-P extensions could bring an additional 15% to the average total deployment value.

Strategically, the above ground distribution of 3D-P hardware becomes a lead sale to a more comprehensive mesh data network deployment for ACT.

There are likely to be no specific deals pending that are dependent on this relationship. More similar relationships should be announced over the coming months that are likely to help entrench ACT as a near defacto standard data network for mine operators in the US.

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