CUPE is out of its collective mind.

While Torontonians struggle through this recession with many thousands losing their jobs and many other thousands having their incomes and benefits cut, CUPE leadership somehow believes that it is a good time to hold these same taxpayers hostage for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of employee perks.

In the end, there is little difference between entitlement bonuses that the union rails against and bankable sick days that it chooses to strike for. CUPE is hypocritical to the extreme to hold its fellow financially distressed citizens hostage for such purpose.

Citizens of Toronto should harden against these actions and urge City of Toronto negotiators to stand fast against CUPE. In fact, Torontonians should demand that for every week that this strike continues, that it removes a few basis points from its offered salary increase.

CUPE leadership has thown out all of the worn cliches like "bargaining in bad faith" in order to justify its actions. On the contrary, the wage increases seem reasonable, people can keep their jobs, and they can even keep their 18 sick days. Citizens just don't want the sick days turned into a pseudo-pension instrument at their expense.

City workers have been on strike in Windsor since mid-April. In one of the staunchest union towns in Canada, citizens are urging the City of Windsor to hold fast against the CUPE demands. If CUPE leadership was not so out of touch with reality, it would see this as a pretty good indication that people (families) everywhere, even in places with the greatest sympathies, are rising up against its bullying tactics.

Another question that should be posed is: who is the brainiac that negotiated these contracts in the first place?

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