Just in time for Holloween: A Few Spooky Stats YTD 2009.

Here are some random statistics from various sources:

Canadian Tech Sector
TSX/TSXV technology sector listings September 2009 - 284 including 5 new listings. Down from 310 at the beginning of the year. A 9% drop.

YTD deals in the TSX Tech Sector - 83
Mean deal size: $5.05 m
TSXV deals - 71 with a mean deal size of $1.3 million
TSX deals - 12 with a mean deal size of $27.3 million

YTD Cleantech deals
Mean deal size: $13.5 m
Top performing sector YTD TSX: InfoTech at 69%
(Source: TSX) 

30% of all searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing are for people. Half of those are for celebrities.(Source: AOL)

RESpooky Opinion: People are looking for people and can't find them using current approaches and "celebrity" may be a major economic sector.

Approaching 4 billion mobile subscribers worldwide.
Approaching 300 million "smartphones" worldwide.
1.6 billion internet users worldwide.
15 new mobile payment start-ups per minute (just kidding! - although it seems like it)
72% of all iPhone owners have downloaded 10 or more applications.(Source: Admob)
OpenTable iPhone app has secured more than 1 million dinner reservations. (Source:TechCrunch)
65% of all mobile internet traffic is generated by iPhone with 11% share of the handset market.(Source: Morgan Stanley)

RESpooky Opinion: The mobile web, especially powered by the cloud, will begin to dwarf the wired internet in terms of scale, complexity, and value within 2 to 3 years. Check out the new Google Maps Navigation for Android as evidence.

Some stats from the next three billion dollar IPOs:

21 million Twitter users as of July 2009 and growing by 8 million per month
80% of all Twitter users have joined in 2009.
5% of all Twitter users account for 75% of all activity
60% of all Twitter users abandon accounts within the first month.
6% of Twitter users have 100 or more followers.
(Source: Sysomos, Mashable)

300 million active Facebook users worldwide.
50% of those login daily.
65 million mobile Facebook users worldwide - number 1 mobile app.
Average user has 130 friends
350,000 applications have been developed so far for the platform (most of which are annoying time-wasters IMHO)
(Source: Facebook)

50 million active LinkedIn users worldwide as of Oct 14 2009 and growing by 1 million every 12 days.
$109,000 - mean user household income
41 - average age
64% - male
(Source: LinkedIn)

RESpooky Opinion: Although Facebook and especially Twitter enjoy the hype, LinkedIn may become the sleeper pick of the group.

Ok, that's it for now and have a safe Holloween. Look for posts on many Canadian technology companies expected to report Q3 earnings starting next week.

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