Communitech is doing a great job in Kitchener-Waterloo

I just returned from a meet-and-greet arranged in Kitchener by Communitech to connect early stage technology companies to potential investors. Although tonights event felt a bit like an awkward high school dance, I think that the efforts being made by Communitech in K-W are exceptional. Although there were a few wonky concepts, I was impressed by the general quality of the ideas, the execution, and the people passionately fronting them.

Communitech did a solid job screening the opportunities for potential investors, and there was a nice cross-section of potential capital for entrepreneurs. We will be back. And this is important. The more that Communitech facilitates access to capital, skills, and connections, the more vibrant the K-W technology community will be.

I think that Communitech should be held up as an example for other communities of how to establish a cultural core for a vibrant centre of entrepreneurial excellence. More of this needs to be done in order to support intellectual ecosystems and innovation.

Next step is to get these beautiful little startups to maturity.

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