Check out Poynt: An award winning mobile search app for BBerry...iPhone next?

This application won the grand prize for RIM's Blackberry Developer Challenge at the end of 2008. It is well designed. Not only can you find stuff nearby, but you can actually do something after you find what you are looking for - like buy movie tickets. Spend a couple of minutes checking it out.

Multiplied Media (MMC.V) has taken longer than expected to perfect the app, and the company is still at the early stages of commercialization, but the app seems like it should be a grand prize winner. Look for an iPhone version of Poynt to follow soon.

Earlier this week, the Company announced that it has reached the 1 million user milestone, which suggests that it has the potential to go viral. Investors are taking note. In August, the Company was able to raise $2.9 million in growth financing. Over the past couple of weeks, the penny stock has doubled in value.

Disclosure: I do not own shares of MMC.V

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