Top 10 Posts on RES Free Thinking LTM

There have been 140 articles posted on RES Free Thinking since it was launched. Most posts have an immediate audience and a "best before" date of about five days, after which there is little interest from readers. Considering the time-sensitive nature of most of the content, this should be a typical pattern. However, from time-to-time, a post will capture and hold interest among users for a while, creating a "long tail" of readership. Here is the list:

Top 10 RES Free Thinking Articles LTM

1 RES Free Thinking Ten Top Tech Picks for 2010  (Dec 2009)

2 Cyberplex Q1 Results: Maintains Remarkable Momentum (May 2009)

3 Zoompass is destined to succeed: So what is the potential fallout in the Canadian market? (Aug 2009)

4 Active Control Technologies (ACT.V): Rubber Hits Road (April 2009)

5 Enstream: A Mobile Moneris or Dexit Revisited? (June 2009)

6 CEO Series: Interview with Andrew Osis, CEO Multiplied Media - developers of the Poynt Mobile App (Nov 2009)

7 Bridgewater Systems Q3 2009 - Beats Consensus Forecasts and Increases FY Guidance (Nov 2009)

8 Cyberplex exceeds analyst expectations again while fundamentals solidify (Nov 2009)

9 Stimulus Packages and Healthcare...A Checkup on the Eve of the $787 Billion Federal Stimulus Package (Feb 2009)

10 The Rubber Hit The Road...Where Was ACT? (Oct 2009)

Trending Towards Top 10

CEO Series: Interview with Tom Douramakos, CEO Guestlogix, Onboard Retailing Pioneers. (Nov 2009)

Could Multiplied Media Be "The Next Big Thing"? (Nov 2009)

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